Add Breadcrumb with SharePoint 2013 Design Manager

Greetings Guyz,

One day i was in need to have my custom breadcrumb with Design Manager feature in SharePoint 2013, so i dug into it and found that there is one snippet code to add breadcrumb in our HTML page of master layout. We just need to put below snippet to our any of the master page or page layout where you want to place the breadcrumb.

<div id="breadcrumb">
<!--MS:<ASP:SITEMAPPATH runat="server" sitemapproviders="SPSiteMapProvider,SPXmlContentMapProvider" rendercurrentnodeaslink="false" hideinteriorrootnodes="true" RootNodeStyle-CssClass="bc-root">-->
<!--MS:<ASP:IMAGE id="Image1" runat="Server" imageurl="/_catalogs/masterpage/images/breadcrumb_line.png">-->

Through above snippet we can have custom breadcrumb. Now to fulfill your requirement to have the actual branding you can create or update CSS classes or write some scripts using jQuery.

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